On 19 January 2023, we, the Copenhagen Exhibition Group and the trade association Jewellery of Denmark, decided to postpone the New Nordic 2023 fair indefinitely.

The next version of the New Nordic fair was planned, as something new, to take place at a new venue, Bella Arena from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20st of August

Behind the trade fair New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2023 are two parties, the association Jewellery of Denmark and the exhibition company Copenhagen Exhibition Group. The partiet did their first fair together in 2022, and now the parties are ready to launch the 2023 version. As something new, the fair will move from the Øksne hall to the brand new venue, Bella Arena. One of the motivation is to conduct the fair at a venue with better parking condition, and with a better indoor climate. August 2022 was quite varm, so the air conditioning was missed at the Øksne hall. And Bella Arena, as a new venue, has of course a air con system. 

The ambition behind the new cooperation is to include all stakeholders in the industry, and we also hope to have many exhibitors that do not hold a membership at Jewellery of Denmark association. Our aim is to create a strong exhibition platform where the industry can meet every year in August and show what the industry has to offer. And one of the reasons why the fair is located centrally in Copenhagen is precisely our ambition to attract foreign exhibitors and foreign trade visitors. Our aim is to make the fair a exhibition platform for the Scandinavian jewelry and watch industry, and with no fairs in Sweden and Norway, this ambition should be within distance.

So welcome to New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2023. We hope you will use this website to familiarize yourself with how you can benefit from the new industry platform either as an exhibitor or as a visitor.


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