About us...

Copenhagen Exhibition Group and the association Jewellery of Denmark have made an agreement to conduct New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2022 in the historic setting of the Øksne Hall, a venue centrally located in Copenhagen, a few minutes walk from the Copenhagen Central Station and in the middle of the hip Vesterbro area.

The industry's annual trade fair will take place from Friday 26 August to Sunday 28 August in 2022, and Copenhagen Exhibition Group (CEG) will be responsible for all the practical details, Among other things, CEG will take care of the stand sale.

Behind Copenhagen Exhibition Group is the Founder & CEO Jesper Åndahl, who has more than 30 years of experience within the exhibition industry, which makes him one of Scandinavia's most experienced within his field. People within the jewelry industry will probably recognize Jesper's name or photo and that is because Jesper was the Exhibition Director at Bella Center (Denmark's biggest exhibition center) for two decades; just in the period when the jewelry industry fair moved from Vejle to Bella Center and Gold, Silver & Watches (as the fair was called at the time) grew to a great success, with more than 230 exhibitors and more Swedish visitors than the similar fair in Stockholm.

In the beginning of 2012, Jesper founded Copenhagen Exhibition Group Ltd. and since then the company has conducted one or two trade fairs each year within the laboratory equipment industry. The fairs LabDays Aarhus and LabDays Copenhagen take place in Denmark (Aarhus and Copenhagen); and the Swedish LabDays fair takes place in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The last 4 years LabDays Copenhagen has been conducted at the Øksne Hall; so Jesper is quite familiar with the conditions at the Øksne Hall, which will hopefully help to ensure that New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2022 will be a success at the Øksne hall.

We look forward to conducting New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2022 in collaboration with Jewellery of Denmark and the other parties in the jewelry & watch industry.