On 19 January 2023, it was decided to postpone the New Nordic fair indefinitely.

Reserve a stand, completely without any obligations...

You can reserve a specific stand without any obligations, and that way you can ensure a really good stand location at the fair. At some point in first quarter of 2023, we will send out order confirmations to all exhibitors who have reserved a stand; and when the exhibitor signs and returns the order confirmation, the reservation becomes binding. This means that when the exhibitor signs the order confirmation, the exhibitor can see which other exhibitors have reserved a stand at the fair. In other words, the exhibitor can form a good picture of the fair before committing to his stand reservation.

When different companies reserve a stand at the fair, we will update the floor plan at this website immediately after. This means everyone can see who is expected to exhibit, as well as see where they are located at the floor plan; and finally one can see where we still have available stand.

CLICK HERE to contact us to reserve a stand.

See the newest floor plan here

CLICK HERE to see the newest version of the floor plan.

Stand rental

There are two ways to participate as an exhibitor at the New Nordic fair. You can book a normal stand (see description below) or you can participate in our new exhibition concept New Nordic Village (described a little further below).

Normal stand

Price per m2 up to 35 m2:        DKK. 1.755 per m² ex. VAT

Price per m2 36 m2 and more: DKK. 1.535 per m² ex. VAT

If you buy a stand on 36 m2 or more, you pay the price of DKK. 1.535 per m2 for all the m2.


Smallest stand size is 4 m2 (2x2 m).

Registration fee

Registration fee per exhibitor is DKK. 4.125

Registration fee per co-exhibitor is DKK.  498*

(*Which means the co-exhibitor will be included in the online catalog as well as in the printed exhibition list just like every other exhibitor) 

Included in the stand rental

The following is included in the stand rental:

Stand walls against neighbors - Island stands can max. have walls on two sides. (2,5 m. high white walls) 

Light: The general light in the exhibition hall

1 power supply on 1,5 kW (3-sockets)

1 white round café table for each 12 m² (around 80 cm. diameter)

2 high café chairs for each 12 m2 

ePoint connections (to scan visitor badges at the stand)

WiFi connection

Inclusion in the online catalog incl. two profile texts, as well as the online package consisting your company logo in the online catalog, uploading of up to 10 photos and a video on your page in the online catalog.

The stands that use our walls, will be build without canopies. You are not allowed to build higher than 2,5 m. You can deselect the café table and the two chairs - this will not give you a reduction in the stand price. We will also hang up signs with company name and your stand number (see photo below).

Payment terms:

1. rate: Wednesday, March 1, 2023 - Registration fee + 50% of the stand rent

2. rate: Wednesday, June 1, 2023 - The rest

New Nordic Village

We have created a new exhibition concept we call New Nordic Village. This is a larger exhibition area; where start-up companies, or simply companies that do not want a larger stand, can exhibit at the fair for a modest amount. The entire area will be carpeted in the same color, and café tables and chairs will be set up in the middle of the area so that you (exhibitors in NNV) can sit here and have meetings with your customers. In addition, lighting is established in the area; and each exhibitor gets a glass display case and a high bar stool.

You can participate in this new exhibition concept for only DKK 5.975 ex. VAT. And you are included on an equal base as all other exhibitors in the online catalog, as well as in the Quick guide and all other places where the exhibitor list is published.

General renting terms

CLICK HERE to see our general renting terms

Member discount

Members of Jewellery of Denmark (the danish association for suppliers within the industry) is offered a discount when they book a stand. The discount is DKK 412 per m2, so if a member buy a stand on 12 m2 the discount is 12 x 412 DKK = DDK 4.950. To achieve the discount a new member have to document the membership before March 1, 2023. And please noticed that members that participate as an New Nordic Village exhibitor, don't get any discount. 

Opening hours

Wednesday August 16: The stands are built - some exhibitors can get a dispensation to move in

Thursday, August 17 - 08.00 - 22.00 the exhibitors move in and prepare their stands

Friday, August 18 - 10.00 - 17.00 open for visitors from the industry** (exhibitors can enter from 08.00) *

Saturday, August 19 - 10.00 - 17.00 open for visitors from the industry (exhibitors can enter from 09.00) *

Sunday, August 20 - 09.00 - 17.00 open for visitors from the industry (exhibitors can enter from 08.00)

Sunday, August 20 - 17.00 - 24.00 the exhibitors dismantle their stands and move out

* On Friday and Saturday, the exhibitors must leave the hall no later than 17.30

** You need to have a professionel relation to the industry to visit the fair.

Bella Center is technical operator

Bella Center who operate Bella Arena is responsible for stand construction as well as the extra deliveries to the stands. So, if you need carpet or other extra equipment to your stand, you can order this from Bella Center and it will be ready on your stand when you enter to prepare your stand on Thursday, August 17 - 2023.

Several months before the fair, you will receive links to order forms from Bella Center, so you can order the exstra equipment you need on your stand. When the order forms are ready, they will also be published on this page so you can download the forms directly from this page.

Contact details: Information about a contact person from Bella Center will appear here later.

Logistics/goods handling

DSV can help you if your if you have to transport equipment/stand furniture to and from your stand at Bella Arena. DSV can also help you store empty goods during the fair. DSV make sure your goods are ready at your stand when you come to prepare your stand (Thursday). And they also make sure that your empty goods will be driven back to your stand as soon as the fair closes, so you have it when you have to pack down your stand. And finally, they can transport all your equipment back to your company when to the fair closes. And remember that DSV are the only ones that are allowed to drive with manned truck in the exhibition hall. 

DSV Solutions A/S

Henrik Glendorf

Emma Gads Vej - Gate 1

DK-2300 København S

+45 43 20 30 40 Phone

+45 43 20 38 53 Direct phone

+45 40 40 39 89 Mobile phone

Mail: henrik.glendorf@dk.dsv.com

Exhibitor Manual

In the spring of 2023, we will send out an exhibitor manual with various information about New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen, and in this exhibitor manual there will also be order forms from the Øksne hall and from other subcontractors on the fair. A link to the Exhibitor Manual will also be published on this page, so you can access our upload page with a simple click.

Online catalog

We will establish an online catalog on this website and give it its own menu button. We will upload information about each exhibitor (company name, company logo, contact information). In addition, we will upload two profile texts about the exhibitor in question (typically taken from the exhibitor's website).

Somewhere around May, the online catalog will open; and approx. 1 month before, the individual exhibitor receives username and password to our ExhibitorForum. Eg. the exhibitor himself/herself can check whether eg. the profile texts are as desired. And if not, the exhibitor can change the texts directly in ExhibitorForum. On the same occasion, the exhibitor can also upload up to 10 photos as well as 1 video on the exhibitor's own page in the online catalog. And if the upload process causes any problems, the photoes and the video can be sent to jesper.andahl@gmail.com and we will fix it for you.

In the online catalog, product categories will be established so the exhibiotr can indicate which product categories he/she (the exhibitor) has products within. Eg. if an exhibitor has earrings and necklaces, then the exhibitor signs up for these categories. When a visitor clicks on earrings and necklaces, then a list of exhibitors within these two categories will appear. In addition, the exhibitor can also enter new keywords in the online catalog, so if you have special products that may not be included in the product categories, you can enter the new keyword yourself.

When the fair is conducted the next time (in 2023), all information from the previous year can be recalled with one simple click.

CLICK HERE and see how the online catalog works (from one of our other fairs).

ePoint - system for scanning visitor badges on your stand

Included in the stand rental is the possibility of using our ePoint system without any limits.

When all visitors enter the trade fair, they must register in our visitor registration system. In April the visitor registration system will open (on the website) allowing visitors to pre-register and have their admission ticket sent to them immediately by mail. Alternatively, the visitor can also register when they arrive at the fair, where we have Service Assistants and computer equipment ready at the entrance.

With the ePoint system, each exhibitor can scan the visitors at the exhibitor's stand; and thereby the exhibitor automatically receives the information that the visitor has provided when he/she registered in our visitor registration system. The ePoint system functions as a mini CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) - eg. the exhibitor can define a number of elements in the system e.g. if you have several sellers at the stand, it can be noted that the visitor has spoken to Klaus Hansen (or what the seller's name is). You can also insert product groups or information that follwo up on the visitor. Afterwards, you can see that the visitor talked to Klaus (the salesperson), that visitor is interested in necklaces, and that the agreement is that Klaus will contact the visitor within the next two weeks. The exhibitor gets the ePoint app directly from our ExhibitorForum by using a smartphone or a tablet - when you enter the system, you have to click on the menu button "ePoint" to the left on the page. And then you click on the menu button "ePoint app" and here you can download the app directly to your phone or tablet. On this page, you will also find information about how to use the app.

After the fair, the exhibitor can upload all the information (from the ePoint app) into the exhibitors own CRM system.

Connection between the online catalog and ePoint

When the exhibitor has ePoint, the exhibitor can see (in the online catalog) which visitors that have inserted the exhibitor on "my list". When you as a visitor go into the online catalog, you can put the exhibitors who have your interest on "my list". As an example: if the visitor has decided to visit his 10 current suppliers (exhibitors on the fair), then the visitor can make a list of these 10 by clicking in the online catalog under "My list". This can also be done on a smartphone, so that one has the informationabout his/her's 10 suppliers (including stand number, etc.) on the phone. 

When you have ePoint, you can see which visitors have put your name at his/her's "my list". After the fair, you can e.g. check if the visitor actually visited your stand; and if the visitor did not visit your stand, you can send an email or otherwise contact the visitor in order to sell some products to the visitor.

All information you put into ePoint in the ExhibitorForum (seller's name, product categories, etc.) can be recalled with the click on a menu button. So, if you participate on the fair in 2023 you can recall everything, thus, avoiding having to do it all over again as an exhibitor.

Exhibitor kit and your unique link to the visitor registrations system

All analyzes show that the most important marketing prior to a trade fair, is the marketing that the exhibitors do themselves. In other words, it is very important that each exhibitor focuses on sharing the fact that they participate at the fair. To help the exhibitors doing this marketing, we make an exhibitor kit, so that the exhibitor can download various graphic elements from the fair: banners, logos, footers and such. And these elements can be used on the exhibitor's website, in mail auto signatures and/or in newsletters from the exhibitor. Each exhibitor will receive an email with a link to the ExhibitorForum, and a username and a password. When the exhibitor enters ExhibitorForum, he/she can find the unique link by clicking on the menu button "Deltager registrering". The email with the link to the ExhibitorForum will be sent in the spring of 2023. And we recommend that the exhibitor insert a link to the visitor registration in the

described graphic elements.

All exhibitors participate in a competition with the prize of 6 bottles of champagne 

Each exhibitor gets a unique link to the visitor registration system as described above.

When the visitors start to use the link, the exhibitor can continuously follow and the registrations and see which of his/her's customers have registered to get an admission ticket. And all exhibitors automatically participate in our competition for 6 bottles of champagne; so, the exhibitor who make the most customers register to visit the fair will be the winner of the competition.

The trade magazine AuClock is our media partner

The trade magazine AuClock is our official media partner. And that is why the August edition will have focus at the upcoming New Nordic Jewellery & Watch Show Copenhagen 2023. A part of the magazine will contain a exhibitor list and a floor plan of the fair. Besides this, AuClock will also make a quick guide (with a exhibitor list and a floor plan), and this guide will be handle out to all the visitors free of charge.

Amount of magazines distributed: Around 1.300

Material deadline: July 4 - 2023

Published: August 9 - 2023

Contact person for advertising in the AuClock magazine:

Beth Vinther Lillegård, Phone +45 2571 5122 Mail: beth@guldsmed.dk

The exhibition kit for 2023 are not avaible at the moment